Who we are…Kayti Embroidery specialises in the multimedia printing industry with core focus on textiles. Our services and expertise extend to embossing, embroidery and silk-printing. These include
t-shirts, caps, overalls, jackets, sweaters, bags and leather garments. Another edge to our business extends to full 3-D engraving done with state of the art technology. 

We deliver superior returns to client through a cost-effective, high value service model. With our state of the art equipment and expertise we are able to deliver quality and precision with our service. We aim to respond to the increasingly competitive multimedia- printing environment with the highest possible efficiencies to our customer requirements. 

We are a small but active company always striving to create new and improved ways of delivering value to our customers. Kayti Embroidery is a Black Empowerment Company that proudly creates opportunities for customers and employees alike with the determination to be a market leader in the multimedia textile industry.


Position in the market place

We, at Kayti Embroidery cc, identify our company as one who brands goods to customers needs i.e. embroidery, silkscreen and embossing. Upon acquiring a woven labels and lanyards-making machine, we see ourselves leading in many respects by offering to our customer’s innovative products which are not currently offered, i.e. a combination of multimedia (embroidery and embossing or silkscreen and embroidery) on garments. We, in the company, feel that with this concept, we will have an edge in the market place. 

In the 11 years of our company’s existence, we have seen many up’s and downs in the market place. Even with cheap Chinese imports, we have been able to succeed and even compete in this competitive market. In 2010, South Africa hosts the world’s most prestigious event the soccer world cup. We, as a branding company, see many exciting opportunities during, and prior to this event. Many companies will look to brand their items in the form of embroidery, silkscreen and embossing. Besides creating a product which is South African, we see ourselves fulfilling another important social responsibility that of creating jobs.